North Viaduct

This section covers the line where it runs on the North Viaduct which ends at Leicester Central Station.

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Viaduct, Ravensbridge Drive

This shows where the viaduct crossed Ravensbridge Drive at its junction with Saint Margaret’s Way, behind the photographer (the layout of roads around here was completely changed in the 1960s/70s). Leicester Central Station is about three quarters of a mile to the south (on the left) and the viaduct continued for another 100 yards north, now replaced by the Volvo showrooms. Note the van sales offices based in a couple of arches of the viaduct.

Viaduct, Abbey Gate

View of the end of the viaduct from Abbey Gate towards Saint Margaret’s Way. This is looking in the complete opposite direction to the photograph above The glass windows of the Volvo showrooms can be see on the far left. Then there is the van sales area, based on one remaining arch of the viaduct in the centre. The section of the viaduct which can just be seen on the right was demolished in October 2004, as shown below.


Looking south, the length of the north viaduct from here to the river has been demolished and the caravan sales area has expanded onto the site.

Bridge across Soar

Panoramic view of the site of the bridge over the river Soar and the north viaduct, looking west. The section of the viaduct on the north side (on the right) has been demolished and the resulting rubble used for reinforcing the bank of the river, allowing the caravan sales area to be increased a little. The middle pier of the bridge still stands in the centre of the river.

Viaduct, Slater Street

The southern limit of the Northern Viaduct is now here at Slater Street, a hundred yards south of the River Soar. Everything south of here (to the left) has been demolished up to the Central Station. The cars are parked in what used to be  part of Saint Margaret’s Pasture but is now a leisure centre.

Viaduct, Slater Street

Looking north at Slater Street, along the 11 arches of this section of viaduct.

Viaduct, Slater Street

Seen from the other side most of the viaduct arches still appear to be used by the adjacent factory, and an old signal post sticks up on the viaduct in the middle distance.

Slater Street

At Slater Street, looking south towards the station, The viaduct has been replaced by more of the dreaded factory units.

Canal, Northgate Street

View of the Grand Union Canal at Frog Island/Northgate Street, looking north east. The Great Central Railway crossed here on a girder bridge which was just beyond the rear of the narrow boat.

Canal, Northgate Street

The base of the railway bridge across the Grand Union Canal is revealed in the blue bricks on the left, below the fire excape steps. Looking towards the road bridge linking Northgate Street (on the left) to Frog Island (on the right).

Northgate Street

Along Northgate Street, a few yards from the canal bridge, looking towards Leicester Central Station, which lies behind the tall brick building to the right of centre. A magnificent skew, bowstring girder bridge crossed here, from the cars at front far left to the advertising hoarding on the right. Photographs of this can be seen in the Old Photographs, Demolition section.

Northgate Street

Looking northwards across Northgate Street. The Great Central viaduct would have gone through the middle of the car showrooms and the bowstring girder bridge would have passed over the road and the photographer.

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